Y-12 Construction Labor Agreement

“However, as the court accepts that new seismic hazard information has not been adequately considered in Y-12, NNSA will review the seismic analysis while discussing with the Department of Justice the possibility of appealing,” the NNSA said. “In the meantime, the construction of the UPF continues.” Each of the four main buildings is built around safety requirements, which meet its function and offer greater opportunities to reduce construction costs and installation of facilities. When the NSC enters a 10-year contract, a juggling act begins for the DOE`s semi-autonomous National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The Nuclear Weapons Agency now has 15 months to enter into a replacement contract or contracts for both sites, and must do so without disrupting the construction of the uranium processing plant that Bechtel is building in Y-12 under a premium subcontract. One of the complainants stated that the decision to remove the amended decision-making issued in the federal registry in 2016 meant that the NNSA was no longer following the legal authority to continue up the construction of UPF. The new uranium processing plant is currently under construction and will replace facilities used since World War II. Once completed, the $6.5 billion plant — the largest construction project in Tennesseus history — will house enriched uranium in assembly, dismantling, quality assessment, metal work and product certification. The state-of-the-art building will replace several aging Y-12 facilities, which will have less space and improved security and technologies. It is estimated that more than $1.8 billion will be spent on goods and services for the construction of the new multi-facility complex and more than 2,000 jobs will be created in advanced construction. Completion is expected in 2025 at an estimated cost of $6.5 billion.

An industry source said Tuesday that the NNSA could withdraw construction of the uranium processing plant from the main order and either bechtel or the CNS will continue construction of the facility, which will become the center of secondary nuclear weapons phase production in the mid-1920s. At the moment, this work is happening at the World War II-vintage Building 9212 at Y-12. Two 300- and 360-foot-tall tower cranes were installed in early 2018 as part of the UPF construction. With fixed, high-powered cranes in the base surface of buildings, UPF can reach every point in the construction zone, making handling the material safe and efficient. The UPF is already under construction, and Wedenesday tomorrow, the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the work on Y-12, said construction will continue. But the NNSA said it was pleased that the court`s notice of remembrance rejected almost all of the complainant`s claims regarding violations of the National Environmental Policy Act in the context of UPF construction.