Hamburg Area School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

For the 2013/14 school year, the Hamburg School District received a 2.3% increase, or $6,402,843 from the Pennsylvania Basic Education Funding. That`s $142,010 more than the state`s BEF in 2012-13 for the district. In addition, the Hamburg School District received $130,246 in grants for the responsibility block to focus on academic performance and funding for special education services. Among public school districts in Berks County, the Wyomissing Area School District recorded the largest percentage increase in BEFs (6.3%). The borough has the option of applying for several other national and federal grants to increase revenues. The Commonwealth budget increased funding for basic education by $123 million nationally to more than $5.5 billion. Most of Pennsylvania`s 500 public school districts received an increase in primary education in the range of 0.9% to 4%. Eight public schools received unusually high increases from 10% to 16%. The largest increase in public funding was given to the Austin Area School District, which received a 22.5% increase in primary education assistance. [158] The state funded the PSERS (Pennsylvania School Employee Pension Fund) with $1,017,000,000 and $495 million in social security for school employees. [159] By law, all Pennsylvania high school students were required to complete a project as part of their bachelor`s degree eligibility. The nature of the project, its rigour and its expectations are determined by each school district. [59] With the 2017 senior class, the Pennsylvania State Council eliminated the state`s mission to send students to a top project to graduate.

[60] Settlement Hamburg Area School District received 39,058.28 $US in a settlement agreement entered into by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania against Bank of America. The bank has been charged with a national offer to sell gangs. [152] In 2012, homes approved by the Hamburg Area School District received 174 $US. [214] The landfill was deducted from the annual general education property tax. The owners of the land request the landfill through the Landratsamt. Farmers can benefit from an exemption from farmers for agricultural purposes. The farm must be at least 10 hectares adjacent (40,000 m2) and be the owner`s main residence. Farmers may be eligible for both farm exemption and farm release. The amount of land tax relief that each Pennsylvania public school district receives will be announced by the EDP in May of each year. The amount of tax relief depends on the total tax revenue collected in the previous year on casino slots. 35% of tax revenues are spent on property tax relief.

In Berks County, the highest tax relief is the Reading School District, which has been set at $371. [215] The highest tax relief for real estate among Pennsylvania school districts is reserved for farms in Chester Upland District, Delaware County, which received 632 $US per licensed farm in 2010.