Agreement Of Mutual Assistance

A point should not be overlooked. The French jurists concluded that, in accordance with Article E of the Locarno Pact (which defines the conditions under which France can legally wage war on Germany without putting at stake the Anglo-Italian guarantee), France cannot enter into a mutual assistance pact with a third government, unless that government is a member of the League of Nations. Such legal wars arise from the application of Articles 15 and 16 of the Covenant. Russia should therefore be admitted to the League of Nations to allow France to reach an agreement with it without provoking the protests of the English and Italian guarantors of Locarno. The question then arose as to what order things would evolve. Should the North-East Mutual Aid Pact be negotiated before Russia joins Geneva or after? The military alliance between the United Kingdom and Poland was formalized in 1939 by the Anglo-Polish Agreement, then by additions from 1940 and 1944[1] for mutual assistance in the event of a military invasion of Germany, as stipulated in a secret protocol. [2] [3] [4] The English press stated that Mr. Barthou had been forced to make certain concessions and that this allegation could be put in place without correction. Indeed, the original French version was in every detail the version published after the London talks.

Sir John Simon took advantage of the satisfaction he enjoyed and set in motion the British ambassadors in Berlin, Rome and Warsaw. Assuming the appearance of a “benevolent neutral”, he nevertheless insisted that the French proposal be adopted. Italy immediately agreed. The Italian press had for weeks criticized French politics. The canon was magically silent, and the expression of a more or less favourable opinion ensued. Of course, the project was the subject of interpretations that Paris would have considered unsytable. It was seen, for example, as an offer to resume Anglo-Italian disarmament ideas (to which Germany had agreed on 16 April) and as an indication that France would sooner or later withdraw its communication of 17 April.